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Nicolette White

My Bio

Nicolette’s mother was one of her biggest inspirations, she often used organic, natural, ingredients in the home, was into fitness and all things wellness. Hair treatments of mayonnaise, olive oil and aromatherapy were not unusual, or working out at the gym together when she was just a tween or being caught with her face stuck between the pages of her mom’s natural living books.

Nicolette’s mother also often cured her father’s back pain by nimbly walking on his back; performing her latest routine of Thai massage. The Earth stood still at this moment, it was almost palpable; a warm feeling of esteem and admiration of her mom flooded over her. It was moving to see and feel her parents' connection and the power of healing. She didn’t immediately realize this affinity to the world of wellness but there were clues.

As a young person she did personal assistant work for a renowned prima ballerina Celeste Dandeker (OBE). The wheelchair bound dance company owner constantly had occupational and massage therapists working on her. She also practiced daily self-care carefully massaging her stiff legs with special oils so that she would not atrophy thus her body remained sculpted like a Goddess. The human body became fascinating to Nicolette and at this point the idea of practicing massage was fully born.

Working in several different environments from spas to clinics to chiropractic and private practice, Nicolette truly embraced all avenues of massage therapy.

She is a licensed massage therapist in Florida since 2005 and good standing member of the American Massage Therapy Association., Nicolette’s mission is to help people receive wellness where they spend a huge majority of their time- AT WORK.

Nicolette is passionate about helping professionals achieve a work-life balance because she also struggled to strike that balance when she worked in the corporate world. During that time she found herself overweight and stiff; not prioritizing time for self-care. Re-committing to herself, she found her passion and her “happy place” in her signature modality Transformative Chair Massage (a fusion of chair massage, stretch and yoga).

Today, Nicolette (CYT-200) incorporates yoga and stretch as a major part of her wellness programs. She holds the belief that a body in a state of dis- ease needs to heal itself through restful, mindful therapy focusing on mind, body and spirit. She is excited about increasing the awareness and importance of both physical and mental wellbeing of professionals in the corporate world.